HelioHost is back!

Louise Chan

Louise Chan

After months of patiently waiting, I finally received a notification from the good people at HelioHost that my website is now ready for migration to the Tommy Server that now runs the brand-new Plesk web hosting control panel.

Upon receiving this bit of good news, I didn’t waste my time and immediately changed my website’s domain name servers to make use of HelioHost’s name servers so that I may be able to run my website using their free web hosting service.

Thank you Byethost for temporarily hosting my site for free while HelioHost was still under maintenance but the time has come for me to go back to my preferred web hosting service.

It might need a little bit of getting used to in order to familiarize myself with using Plesk but so far, using this control panel to configure my website is quite easy and straightforward. I noticed though that adding of DNS record and configuration of domain names and its subdomains are not yet available (I assume you need to contact customer support for now if you wish to add new domain and subdomain names) but I hope they will become available from within the Plesk control panel once everything is ironed out since its quite a pain to go back and forth with customer service just to configure this function.

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