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Louise Chan

Louise Chan

Hi, my name is Louise Chan, I previously worked as an Embedded Software Developer but am now pursuing an exciting new career in Mobile Applications Development. Why choose Mobile Development as a second career you say? It all started with a goal of supplementing my embedded software development skills with a little bit of knowledge in Android and iOS development so that I can create embedded software projects that will be able to interface with a mobile device. That “little bit” of knowledge ended up with me seeking to broaden my skills in mobile applications development so I decided to further explore this branch of software development by enrolling and studying in a Mobile Applications Development college program in Toronto. So here I am today, a full-fledged mobile applications developer excited to face the challenges that awaits me in the world of mobile application development.

From time to time, I will be posting topics mostly relating to mobile application development as a way to take notes of what I learned or figured out while developing mobile applications but more importantly, I also would want to find a way to share the knowledge and experiences that I have gained during the course of my journey through my posts.  

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